Bridal Cowgirl Hats

Western-themed weddings are so popular not only because of their fun, rustic feel but also because of the unique Bridal Cowgirl Hats. The bride is the star of a nuptial ceremony and these head pieces are interesting ways to keep all eyes on her.

There are various types of Bridal Cowgirl Hats and a bride should select one that reflects her personality. The last thing she wants is looking uncomfortable with what she is wearing. She can either choose something that will go with the overall theme of the wedding so everything will look cohesive or a flashy one that would wow the guests and make her stand out. Cowboys and cowgirls are perceived to have strong and defiant traits, so it would be refreshing to see the bride rebel against the latest fashion trends.

There are a lot of considerations when choosing the perfect Bridal Cowgirl Hats. Take into account the shape and size of the crease, crown and brim if they complement the shape of your face. Traditional hats for women have a brim width of four to five inches. If the cowgirl hat is too small, it would be very hard to pull down on the head and if the size is too big, it will look too tall. Nevertheless, a lot of women purposely select vintage styles with flat brims and much lower or taller crowns.

In choosing the colors, white would be the safest choice for the bride. However, if you want another color like black, brown, red, or silver, make sure you won’t look washed out. It is up to you to wear it as it is or top it off with classic or over-the-top embellishments. Generally, the materials used for these types of hats are fur, wool, wool-felt blend, and Toyo straw. Some women choose to wear top hat fascination instead of the traditional cowgirl hats.

Aside from the physical aspects of the hats, functionality is also important. The hat must be able to protect you from the sun or a drizzle during the ceremony. You should also be wearing something that won’t be blown off by the wind especially during the bridal march.

The bride has the option to have her bridesmaids wear Bridal Cowgirl Hats as well. Of course, the most beautiful cowgirl hat must go to her. Lastly, the hats of the bride and groom should look good together.


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