Custom Cowgirl Hats

Wow! JW Brooks really takes custom cowgirl hats to a whole other level. Each of these hats is a work of art crafted by JW Brooks, and they express the significance of true western individualism.

Anyone who has worn JW Brooks custom hats is aware that they’re not just any cowboy hat. As a western artist, master craftsman JW Brooks works toward perfection of the hats’ quality, feel, look, and style. Though many might wear cowgirl hats as an expression of their western style, those who wear JW Brooks custom hats simply set themselves apart from the rest.

Charlie One Horse is another option for a distinctive design.

Those who love custom cowgirl hats might like to know about two important tools that JW Brooks uses to make these stylish items. Placing the tool called a conformation over the cowgirl’s head, the hatter makes a miniaturized outline of the shape of her head. With the record of the client’s head shape, the hatter can reconstruct an exact replica of the head, using another tool known as a for million. This is part of the beauty of having a bespoke hat made just for you.

JW Brooks custom hats use raw natural materials such as beaver or beaver blends, and the hats have distinctive designs like Angel Wings, Black

Cherry, Buckskin, Classic Wing-tip, Lucky Feather, Mustang, Neon Cowgirl, Parade Horse, Retro, Rodeo Sweetheart, Rough Stock, Snake, Tooled Flower, This Ain’t Vegas, and Tribute. Possible accents include lace, pearls, rhinestones, ribbon, and tooled leather, and you can specify the crease you want for the crown of your hat, whether you prefer the cattleman or RCA crease. JW Brooks also has custom conchs available, so your custom cowgirl hats can look even more out of the ordinary when you attach the ornamental disks featuring shell or flower designs to them.

JW Brooks makes custom cowgirl hats in a spectrum of colors including burgundy, rust, gold, camel, pecan, forest green, moss green, sage, powder blue, royal blue, black, chocolate, Sahara, dove gray, bone, and silver belly. The hatmaker can produce the color combinations for your own personal look. If you want a hat to match a particular outfit, JW Brooks can surely come up with a custom-made hat to complement it perfectly. Hat sizes range from small (USA hat size 6 7/8 and below) to XX-large (7 7/8), so you need not worry that your specific hat size will not be in stock.

When you order custom cowgirl hats from JW Brooks, you can be sure you’ll get a truly superior hat in craftsmanship and fit.



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