Felt Cowgirl Hats

There are a number of reasons to choose felt cowgirl hats such as comfort, style, and durability. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. When shopping for the perfect hat you should ask yourself when you are planning to wear your hat. Is it going to be functional or strictly an accessory.

Felt cowgirl hats are great because they are comfortable. The felt is form fitting so over time it will mold it self so that it is the perfect fit. Make sure to select the correct size. You do not want a hat that is to loose or to tight. If you are between sizes you might want to lean toward the smaller size so that the hat has a snug but comfortable fit. It will stretch over time. If you plan on riding this will also help keep it in place. Below is a chart to help you find the right size:

Measure around head 1/2″ above ears and above eyebrow ridges. Convert inches to hat size using Hat Size chart.

Size Chart

Head Size Inches 21 21 1/2 21 5/8 22 1/4 22 1/2 23 23 3/8 23 3/4 24 24 3/8
Head Size CM 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62
Hat Size 6 5/8 6 3/4 6 7/8 7 7 1/8 7 1/4 7 3/8 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 3/4


The style of you felt cowgirl hat is completely up to you.There is a endless selection. You can customize your hat or you can choose a plain black or white hat. The prices on custom felt cowgirl hats can range from just over $60 dollars to well over a $1000 dollars. Many hats look great with just a touch of bling check out this simple heart pattern on an all black hat.

The durability will depend on the manufacture. Some felt cowgirl hats are for style than anything else. If you are looking to use it at the ranch or rodeo you should plan on spending a little more money. Now you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars. You can if you would like but it is not necessary. Like most things quality and craftsmanship does cost a little more and you will get what you pay for.. You might want to skip the rhinestones if  you are planing on barrel racing or working on your hunter jumper skills… But then again who said that you only needed one!

Below are a few of the styles you can choose from. Both Charlie 1 Horse and Bull hide offer a good selection and the represent the different price points with Charlie 1 Horse being on the higher end.

I hope that you have found this helpful. Good luck finding the perfect cowgirl hat.


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