Vintage Hats

Finding the right style in vintage hats is an essential part of adopting a contemporary look into a classic and timeless style.

With the return to the basics of older styles now experiencing a renaissance thanks to television shows such as “Mad Men” or neo-Western films such as “3:10 to Yuma,” it’s clear that customers desire to return to their clothing roots when seeking out the right outfit. Clothing tells us much about the person wearing them, and it’s clear that customers find the older styles that spoke so well of the manners of a bygone age long for those same looks.

Vintage hats can come in many styles: it is only in recent history, for example, that men’s suits and women’s clothing did not include stylish headgear. A good hat could both speak to the elegance of a wearer as well as serving a function — if you were out in the cold of the Maine woods or walking to the train on a winter morning before heading off to the office, a hat was a useful and in fact essential article of clothing. Look at most older photos from a few generations back or more and you’ll see the kind of flattering styles that made clothing into a sophisticated choice bespeaking much about the wearer.

That age of decency and good manners doesn’t have to end, however, and with specialized dealers in clothing widely accessible through advances in internet speed, finding the right style — especially in vintage hats — has never been easier. Sites like and have literally hundreds of individual sellers who have handpicked vintage items from such timeless brands as Brooks Brothers, LL Bean, and J.Press to suit buyers from a wide-range of social backgrounds — from the hardy fisherman who seeks out a good wool hat that has been developed to perfection over generations, or the well-heeled Ivy League student who is seeking out the tried-and-true styles that generations before them have made into classics.

Take an example like the , made in the hardscrabble landscape of Maine for generations, which has been the go-to of fishermen, hunters, and the toniest members of New York’s white shoe firms and Nantucket yacht clubs for decades. Something as well-made as one of these items can be had for less than $30 if one looks in the right places.

Vintage cowboy or cowgirl hats are also a unique addition to any stylish person’s wardrobe. Stetson, whose cowboy- or cowgirl-style hats and fedoras were in any elegant person’s wardrobe for years, can now be found with a minimum of hassle when one knows where to look. A great style is now a Google search away — the old days of searching through catalogs, while great, have turned to a faster market.


For these reasons people are seeking out a return to the styles that defined generations of well-mannered, on the go, and on their way up gentlemen and gentlewomen. Finding the right look for you is now as simple as finding the right seller, whose hand-picked items will be sure to excite even the most stylish and in-the-know people. If vintage hats bring you joy, the time has never been better to get the best deals on the classic look and feel of time-honored styles which transcend and define fashion.


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