Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Green,  Warwickshire

Long before the M40 motorway thrust through Warwickshire en route for the Midlands, Chesterton Windmill looked down from a hilltop across attractive and more peaceful countryside.

Today the main structure of the mill is remarkably intact, although the sails are missing. It can be glimpsed from the motorway - lying to the northeast, a few miles south of Warwick Services - and from a distance it looks more like a folly tower than a former working mill.

To reach it you must leave the motorway and head for the village of Chesterton Green. The last half mile or so must be completed on foot, climbing a gentle slope that ends with good, far reaching views.

A plaque at the site explains how the mill was built in 1632 and is said to have been designed by Inigo Jones - perhaps accounting for the style of the building, which seems to have little in common with most mills!

It was last used in 1910.

view from Chesterton MillChesterton Mill information plaqueChesterton Millview of Chesterton Mill on the skyline