The Four Stones Folly

A small stone circle in the Clent Hills, West Midlands

The Clent Hills, in the West Midlands, are popular with walkers and ramblers alike - partly as a result of the spectacular views over the surrounding countryside. From here it is possible to see the Black Country, the Birmingham skyline, and other features as far away as the South Shropshire Hills and the Welsh Borders.

One of the better vantage points is the summit of Adam's Hill, at a height of 304 metres (997 feet). A 'toposcope', or carved stone platform showing the direction and distance of local (and distant) points of interest, sits at the top.

Alongside the toposcope are four stones, looking as if they could either have occurred naturally, or otherwise might be a poor man's version of stone circles like Stonehenge.

They are in fact the Four Stones Folly, a Victorian folly erected by a former owner of nearby Hagley Hall.