Henley Temple

on Temple Island in the River Thames,
Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Henley Temple lies on Temple Island in the River Thames, a mile and a half downstream of Henley. The Temple is a prominent feature in the view down river, clearly visible from Henley town bridge and from the adjacent banks of the River Thames.
It was completed in 1771 as a Georgian summerhouse or fishing lodge for nearby Fawley Court. Although the design was chosen to augment the river view through the trees from Fawley Court it can be argued that it was never strictly a folly since it had a purpose.

The original structure had one main room decorated in the Etruscan style based upon designs discovered at Pompeii, and with a cupola above. Subsequent alterations were made to make the building habitable.

Temple Island is small, and close to the start of the races of Henley Royal Regatta. In 1987 the Regatta Stewards leased the island and began a programme to restore the Temple. It features in the Regatta and is now used also as a centre for corporate entertaining.