The House in the Clouds

at Thorpeness, near Aldeburgh in Suffolk

As you drive along the coastal road from Aldeburgh towards Thorpeness a building with the general appearance of a doll's house on stilts comes into view above the trees. Approach closer and you realise that it is larger than first you might have thought.

The House in the Clouds was built in 1923 as the Thorpeness water tower, disguised as a house to avoid it being an eyesore.

Originally it was a five storey house underneath the water tank, which itself was hidden by enclosing it in a house-like structure complete with pitched roof. Later, when Thorpeness was linked to a mains water supply, the tank inside was dismantled and the space turned into additional living accommodation.

When built the house was called “The Gazebo”; the name “The House in the Clouds” comes from a children's poem written by the original owner, and inspired by the house.