Nore Folly

near Slindon, West Sussex

Nore Folly (sometimes known as Slindon Folly) is a strangely shaped structure, difficult to describe.

Sitting on a small hill about half a mile from the village of Slindon in West Sussex it resembles nothing except, perhaps, the entrance to a tunnel - but a non-existent tunnel, of course.

It is unclear, also, why it was built.

During the second half of the 18th Century Slindon was the family seat of the Countess of Newburgh and her husband, the third Earl. It has been suggested that the Folly was built originally as a replica Italian arch, erected at the request of the Countess and based upon a painting that she owned.

A room behind the arch (now there no longer) was added later and used to entertain shooting parties on the estate.

There is a good view of Nore Folly from the Slindon to Eartham road. The structure can be reached on foot - follow the track from Slindon towards Courthill Farm, then take the path to the left immediately before the farmyard. There is a good view of Halnaker Mill as you climb gently towards Nore Folly, and beautiful views from the Folly back across rolling countryside and towards the coastline at Bognor Regis.