Photo Gallery -

Images of Egypt and
the Red Sea Riviera

These photographs were taken in and around the Red Sea Riviera resort of Sharm el Sheikh in 2005.

This is an area essentially 'man-made', created for tourism at the edge of the Sinai Desert. It was hot, slightly exotic, and the people very welcoming.

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On and around the Red Sea shoreline

Beaches have been created for visitors, with wide expanses of sand against the deep blue of the red Sea

Beach at Sharm
el Sheikh - 1

Beach at Sharm
el Sheikh - 2
Beach at Sharm
el Sheikh - 3
Beach at Dahab
Riding the edge
of the waves

The moon over
the Red Sea
Beach entertainment Beach at Naama Bay

Exotic, brightly coloured flowers

Colourful flowers are everywhere, but especially along the edge of the beaches and around the hotels

Flowers 1

Flowers 2 Flowers 3 Flowers 4
Flowers 5

Flowers 6 Flowers 7


Many of the shops are aimed at tourists, offering souvenirs (often in the form of clothes or perfumes)

Food and other shops used by the local population can sometimes be found up the side streets

Bedouin style street cafe
in Naama Bay

Spice shop, Naama Bay Shops for tourists, Old Sharm
Waterfront shop in Dahab

Tourist shops in Dahab Shoe stand, Dahab
Fruit and vegetables
Old Sharm

Live chickens for sale
Old Sharm
Delivery service

The Sinai Desert

The Red Sea Riviera has been 'created' along part of the shore of the Sinai Desert. The desert stretches for hundreds of miles, barren and unattractive as a place to stay too long

St Catherine's Monastery is more than 200km into the desert from Sharm, said to be the second oldest monastery in the world

Bedouin homes in the Sinai

Bedouin in the desert The barren desert
Inside St Catherine's Monastery
in the desert
Moses Mountain, close to
St Catherine's Monastery

Former Presidential
holiday home
Arab with camel

Windswept palm Desert bush

Other images of the Red Sea Riviera

There could be many other images of the area, but here are just a few

Mosque on the outskirts of
Sharm el Sheikh

Tower of the mosque Mosque decoration
Model of a pharaoh

Tiled Sign Surveying the Red Sea Road sign