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a collection of topics unrelated except that they are all found here!

Follies & Monuments  Follies are strange and interesting structures, built (almost always by the wealthy) for little or no purpose. Monuments, on the other hand, were usually erected to commemorate a specific person or event and sometimes possess an appeal because of their design, significance or location.

In 'Follies and Monuments' are comments on just a few that we have visited, with pictures.

Caravanning  For many years we have used a caravan to travel throughout the UK, as well as in several of the countries of Europe.

Here are illustrated notes and accounts of touring trips of some of the best places where we have stayed.

Travel Notes  Articles and photographs bring back memories of locations overseas that we have visited, and enjoyed. They include countries in Europe, as well as Canada and the USA.

Photo Gallery  The gallery contains photographs of subjects that include landscapes, shorelines and bridges in several countries of the world.