Stetson is America’s gold standard for cowgirl hats.  John B. Stetson started making cowgirl hats in the wild, wild, west back in 1865.  Stetson Hat Company has since set the bar for quality in cowgirl hats for the last 130 years.  Today the largest Stetson Hat factory is located in Gartland, Texas, but you can purchase one of these cowgirl hats from many certified retailers across the country.

Stetson cowgirl hats are rated for quality, and marked with a number of X’s.  The higher the X, the higher the quality.  The mixture of the furs used in the hat body is what determines the quality, and thus the X’s.  For straw cowgirl hats, the X’s are based on the tightness of the weave, and the width of the straw.  The inside of the cowgirl hats are marked with the number of X’s.  For hats 15X or greater, the company will renovate the hat for you.  You can arrange this through a certified dealer.

When you decide to purchase a Stetson cowgirl hat, you can access their sizing chart on their website.  If you are in between sizes, then they recommend you purchase the bigger size.

Stetson has several collections of cowgirl hats.  They include western, outdoor, casual and dress.  All of these collections come in both felt and straw varieties.  There are multiple styles within each collection of cowgirl hats.  No matter what you want your cowgirl hat for, you can find a suitable style in one of these collections.  The straw casual and dress collection has several styles that are fun for the beach or the derby.  The western felt collection has great cowgirl hats for working on the ranch.  All of these styles will look great while blocking the sun, no matter what your activity.  You can contact your local retailer, or search on, to find available cowgirl hat styles and prices.

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